V. melinus

Quince monitor


Notable Youtube Channels

Andrey Luzan's channel. One of the first truly dedicated to Varanus melinus species. Lots of insightful behavioral videos featuring male and female Quince monitors living in urban environment. Has been an inspiration for modern wave of melinus keepers.

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Arcticrobot's channel, author of this website. Featuring behavioral and interaction videos with V. melinus Pazuzu. Surveillance cams, phone and action camera footage, system camera videorig footage, 4k UHD. Attempts at documentary and cinematic effects.

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Benjamin Koekoek's channel. Featuring trio of Quince monitors in aquatic habitat. Some very unique and important aquatic behavior and interaction videos. Also featuring another reptiles and avians.

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Steve Wipperfurth's channel. Beautiful aquatic enclosure and very behaviorally unique Quince monitor Heyu. This melinus does not show normal for this age shy behavior, is very brave and tolerant to interaction with keeper.

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MDFMONITOR channel. Featuring highly thought after Argus monitor species.


Infernalis1. Author of savannahmonitor.net Savannah monitor lizard husbandry and general monitor knowledge.

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Quolibet nl channel. General large reptile keeping information. Featuring crocodile monitors, caiman lizards, tegus, melinus and other large lizards.

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Compilation of monitor lizard related videos from various sources. Frequently updated when new videos are discovered.

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