V. melinus

Quince monitor


Useful Informational Resources

International Varanid Interest Group. First source of knowledge for any prospect varanid keeper. This group biannually releases Biawak journal - peer reviewed magazine on biology and captive husbandry of monitor lizards.

Biawak journal Biawak group on Facebook

Reddit.com Monitor Lizards Subreddit. Newly restarted /r/MonitorLizards subreddit dedicated to promoting proper varanid husbandry, news, helping new keepers and discussing all things monitor lizards.


Monitor Lizards of Southeast Asia. Large group of varanid keepers from all over the world dedicated to excellent monitor husbandry. Clearly animal first group.
We are adamant about the utilization of proper husbandry...... period. This can not be over emphasized. It is our moral obligation to provide the highest degree of care possible to the animals we keep. There IS a right and wrong way. We are here to help learn and share information but please realize the difference.(c)

Monitor Lizards of Southeast Asia

Publications of Professor Eric R. Pianka. Eric "The Lizard Man" Pianka, an American biologist with works on hepretology and evolutionary ecology. Some of his books are considered herpetology classics and he has published a lot of monitor lizard specific papers.

Eric R. Pianka's Publications Field Observations by Two American Varanophiles

Varanus indicus Species-complex. The website exists as a photobank for arguably the most variable group of the monitor lizards. Range data and some basic habitat/habit information is also provided, though the emphasis lies on producing a visual library.

Varanus Indicus Species-complex

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