V. melinus

Quince monitor


Varanus melinus Natural Habitat and Climate

According to updated information by Valter Veijola, V. melinus only inhabits Indonesian islands Mangole and possibly Taliabu. These islands are part of Sula Islands group, which are, in turn, part of larger Moluccas archipelago. Quince monitor inhabits tropical forests and mangrove swamps of these islands.

Closest available weather forecast location to Mangole is Bobong, Taliabu. It is preferable to have it in a weather app of your choice to monitor native habitat weather and adjust enclosure micro-climate accordingly. Click to see current weather conditions in Bobong, Indonesia at:


Closest location with statistically collected weather data is Ambon, Indonesia, located 200 miles South-East of Mangole island. Here are two sources of such data:

Weather-and-climate.com Climatemps.com

Average temperatures

Average humidity

As we can see, average temperatures and humidity are very stable throughout the year. We need to maintain those values in artificially created habitat for captive Quince monitor to strive.

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