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Quince monitor


Building materials

Enclosure frame. The most popular material for enclosure frame is 2x4 wood. Industrial aluminum profile can also be used to create modular enclosure. Some builders had great success with frameless enclosure design.

Enclosure walls. Two most used materials are hardwood plywood and OSB - Oriented Strand Board. With proper sealing there is no difference between the two rather than price, weight and aesthetics. Should be at least 1/2 inch thick when used with frame.

Wood sealers. The best results are achieved using epoxy type 2-part solutions. Marine grade epoxy, table-top epoxy, fiberglass resin.

Pond Armor Epoxy ProMarine Table-top Epoxy Bondo Fiberglass Resin

Door and window materials. Plexiglas/acrylic and glass, based on enclosure design. If glass is used it has to be properly framed and adequately thick.

Substrate. The most economically effective for keeper and beneficial for monitor is an organic topsoil/sand mix of 80:20 topsoil:sand proportions. Oak leaf litter can be used on top of it for enrichment.

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