V. melinus

Quince monitor


Enclosure examples

Arcticrobot's Enclosure. Features fully automated daylight change schedule, 24/7 audio enrichment, surveillance cameras with remote monitoring, misting, heated filtered running water feature, remote power control. Started as 4FT x 2FT x 5FT enclosure for 12" hatchling V. melinus. Was increased to 4FT x 5FT x 5FT when animal hit 20" length. Will be increased to 4FT x 8FT x 5FT when animal reaches 3FT length and after animal reaches full adult size room-sized enclosure with potential summer-time outside exit will be provided.

4x2x5 Build 4x5x5 Build

Steve Wipperfurth's Enclosure. Features beautifully recreated naturalistic design and large water feature. Could be the design and water feature specifically contributed to high tolerance and friendliness levels of V. melinus Heyu.

Large aquatic enclosure for V. mertensi

Enclosure by Luc van Hintum.
Large water feature and volume filled for climbing.

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