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Quince monitor



The sole purpose of this website is to gather all available information on Varanus melinus monitor lizard species. Information included, but not restricted to, multiple keepers experience on husbandry, enclosure building, interacting, training, enrichment, scientific research on varanids. Everything to better understand and fully provide to animal needs with the main goal on establishing sustainable captive breeding. Information is laid out in block form for the reader to consume it piece by piece withouth overwhelming with lots of data

This website has started as a personal project, fully maintained, funded and supported by author. Every article and section will be accompanied by either personal and collective experience on keeping Quince monitor or by scientific research, which will be cited in Info section. I encourage you to question and challenge every word on this website in the search for greater knowledge. Secondary goal of this project is to build knowledgeable community around this species and provide full support to new keepers and, most important, their animals.


  • Varanus melinus Pazuzu: founder, CEO.
  • Eugene “Arcticrobot” Mazur: janitor, design, writing, coding, photovideo.
  • Tania “Firefox” Mazur: mother of dragons, keeper of cockroaches.
  • Emily Burke: awesome illustrations.
  • Andrey “Murzilius” Luzan and Irina "Myreptile.ru" : initial support and inspiration.
Varanus melinus Pazuzu, CEO

V. melinus Pazuzu, CEO of varanusmelinus.com

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